Introducing Our College

Message from the President
Our college is a unique public junior college at which students of both fine arts and liberal arts provide stimulation to each other while they learn together on the same campus. The reason we are able to produce talented people active in a wide range of fields in only two short years of college is because our learning environment leads students to broaden their horizons by looking at things intently and thinking on their own. Another appeal of our college is that after graduation, students have many options such as entering the career world, transferring to four year universities, going on to advanced courses of study, and studying abroad.

Our college celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2011 and has now begun its leap into the next fifty years. Wouldn’t you like to study together here with us?

About Our College
Having celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2011, our college is comprised of the two fine arts departments of Music and Art and the two liberal arts departments of Global Studies and Information and Communication, making it a unique public junior college. With the slogan, “Small but sparkling like a precious gem,” the college is working towards its aims in education, research, and contribution to society.

The Four Departments
【The Department of Art】
We foster not only production techniques, but also the ability to look at things and capture their essence, reading comprehension skills, and the ability to think. The department is comprised of two courses: The first is Art, with specializations in painting (Japanese painting, oil painting, mixed media) and sculpture, and the second is Design, where after entering students can choose to specialize in Visual Design, Media Design, or Product Design.
【The Department of Music】
On top of preparing future musicians, conductors, and composers to be active in contributing to society, we aim to foster well-balanced and rich individuals. The six courses of Vocal Music, Piano, Instrumental Music, Conducting, Music Theory, and Composition are led by a faculty with rich experience in both performance and education.
【The Department of Global Studies】
Through making contact with world cultures and peoples, we prepare students to contribute to local society by fostering the ability to think independently and responsibly and to communicate to the broader world. There are three courses of study: Global Communication, Tourism Management, and Contemporary Careers, so students can choose the course which will best meet their goals for acquiring specialized skills and career choices.
【The Department of Information and Communication】
To function in today’s advanced information society, this department prepares students with the skills and knowledge which form the basis for effective communication. The four courses of Media, Information, Psychology, and Sociology foster the skills of autonomy, cooperation, and reasoning, which are the fundamental competencies for working persons. Small advisee groups allow teachers to give good support to students.

Our college welcomes the following for admission
【The Department of Art】
[Art Course]
◆People who have an interest in art and who have a dream
◆People who have the desire to create and express themselves with oil painting, Japanese painting, sculpture, mixed media, etc.
◆People who are interested in the history and theory of art
[Design Course]
◆People who have the desire to express their innate talents in the design of lifestyle goods, etc.
◆People who are interested in forms of expression using film, print, and other various types of media
◆People who are interested in mediums of expression such as computer graphics and the Web, etc.
◆People who are interested in the visual expression of information, such as posters and advertisements

【The Department of Music】
[Vocal Music Course]
◆People who wish to express their inherent passion and emotions through singing
[Piano Course]
◆People who wish to deeply specialize in piano, and who wish to be able to express their own rich and unique creativity
[Instrumental Music Course]
◆People who possess a rich talent for expression and musicality, who excel at solo performance, but who also have the cooperative nature to perform in orchestras, chamber music, ensembles, etc.
[Conducting Course]
◆People who are not afraid to communicate their own thoughts to others
◆People who are willing to work together with others
◆People who love music, whether or not they have experience in conducting
[Music Theory Course]
◆People who want to study music theory
◆People who want to know the structure of music
◆People who didn’t especially learn an instrument as a child, but who have recently become interested in music and want to study it
◆People who, although there are no college lessons for their particular instrument, want to study music comprehensively
[Composition Course]
◆People who have begun composing music on their own and wish to do specialized study

【The Department of Global Studies】
◆People who are concerned about and interested in the cultures and societies of Japan and the world
◆People who are interested in international exchange and community activities, and who wish to actively become involved
◆People who wish to acquire business knowledge and skills so that they can be an immediate asset to the working world
◆People who are interested in the tourism industry (travel, transportation, hotel, etc.) and who wish to work in this field in the future
◆People who wish to further improve their communication skills in Japanese or foreign languages

【The Department of Information and Communication】
◆People who wish to express their thoughts and opinions using various forms of media
◆People who cherish human relations and wish to be actively involved in groups and with others
◆People who are interested in making effective use of computers and information technology
◆People who are interested in volunteering and community activities and who wish to actively get involved

Advanced Courses
Advanced Course in Design
Advanced Course in Music
The advanced courses at this college are accredited by the National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation. After completing the regular two-year college course, students can acquire the necessary credits in the two-year advanced course to qualify for a bachelor’s degree. After approval, students receive a Bachelor of Arts degree equal to those conferred by a four year university, and they can continue to graduate school or move on to careers.

【Advanced Course in Design】
To deepen the study of expression towards the creation of new forms of art
There are three courses in the Advanced Course in Design: Art, Visual Design, and Living Design, and each student is given his or her own space for working.

◆Classes offered and credits for completion
Classes which match with the curriculum of the two-year college are offered, and the intense program takes advantage of a small class size system so that the faculty can work closely together with the students to help them develop their unique talents.
【Advanced Course in Music】
To foster the enrichment of minds and a high level of specialized skills
The Advanced Course in Music aims to further the broad education and abilities of musicians and create talented people who can grasp music from various angles by offering not only individual lessons, but also classes in choral music and instrumental ensembles.

◆Classes offered and credits for completion
Classes which match with the curriculum of the two-year college are offered, and the intense program takes advantage of a small class size system so that the faculty can work closely together with the students to help them develop their unique talents.

Founded as Oita Prefectural College of Arts in Noguchibaru, Beppu

Campus moved to present site in Uenogaoka, Oita

Advanced course established (one-year courses in art and music)

Liberal Arts Departments established (Dept. of Intercultural Studies and Dept. of Communication)
College name changed to Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture

Dept. of Communication name changed to Dept. of Information and Communication

College administration restructured as a local incorporated administrative
agency and college name changed to Public University Corporation
Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture

Department of Art and Department of Music establish authorized two-year advanced courses

Chosen for “University Education/Student Support Promotion Project /
University Education Promotion Program (Theme: Developing Narrative
Ability to Change Experience into Skills)

50th Anniversary of founding of Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture

20th Anniversary of establishment of Liberal Arts Departments

Establishment of the Department of Global Studies (restructured from the
Department of Intercultural Studies)

入試情報 学長メッセージ 第52回卒業修了制作展 ムービーギャラリー 竹田キャンパス